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Three Apostolic Blogs to Follow


If you’re like me, you love a good blog. The problem is not all blogs are equal; especially for Oneness Apostolics. A good blog should be a relatively quick read, yet still have excellent content, and most of all, inspire you to think. In no particular order, the following is a list of three Apostolic blogs that fit the bill:


Two words come to mind when browsing through the N.S. Whitley Blog, “Consistency and Content.” Whitley does a phenomenal job consistently posting new content. Whitley’s biblical insights tend to challenge his readers in practical ways. One thing that is obvious when you read Whitley’s blog is that he is well-read. Whitley introduces many of his spiritual insights with well-placed quotes throughout his posts.
Must-Read Post: The Principles of Study


If you’re looking for some inspiring theological content this summer, an excellent blog to visit is that of Pastor Timothy Hadden’s The Search for Kings. Hadden’s posts are both articulate and convicting, his subjects range from “Divorce and Remarriage,” to historical figures like Michael Servetus. His posts usually are longer than the average blog posts, but that is due in part to the in depth theological content.
Must-Read Post: God Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend


Home Theology is the blog of April Pruett. Pruett’s bio states that she is a graduate of the Urshan Graduate School of Theology where she obtained an M.A. in Christian Ministry. She says that the purpose of her blog is to “encourage anyone who struggles with balancing life’s responsibilities and their relationship with God.” Her posts are just as advertised “encouraging.” She has a way of taking a simple subject that you can relate too, and using it as motivation to be better. Her blog is definitely worth the visit.
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Well, there you have it, three Apostolic blogs that are worth the read. Are there any Apostolic blogs that you would recommend? Leave a comment below.