Dr. Johnny King, who is one of the editors of the Premiere Study Bible provided the Apostolic Review with a brief yet concise comparison of the Allan 43 Longprimer (A very high-quality Bible), and the PSB 1st Edition. Here is the comparison. Enjoy!

Bro. Bracamonte, here is the brief comparison I did between my Allan Thin line and the Premier Study Bible. All in all, I am very happy. This is a great Bible. I compared it with the Allan 43 NB, Longprimer Thin line Bible that I’ve been carrying. 

PSBE1 Photo by Nathan Cox
  1. The footprint is identical although the pages are minutely larger in the PSB.
  2. Spine to spine it seems about a half-inch thicker.
  3. The Allan weighs 1 lb. 15 oz. The PSB is 2 lb. 12.4 0z. So it is significantly heavier, but here’s the real test. I have carried it to church for more than a month and it does not seem noticeable. It is certainly a Bible that I will take to the pulpit and preach out of. In fact, on Pentecost Sunday I read the notes for Acts 2:38 and Mt 28:19. It was great! This will make a great preaching Bible!
  4. The PSB paper is noticeably whiter than the Allan.
  5. The print is much, much clearer on the PSB than the Allan. 
  6. Center column references are larger and much easier to read in the PSB.
  7. The Allan 43 is one of the best bibles in the world, but the PSB is much easier on the eyes. 
  8. I’ll trade my Allan for a limited edition PSB any day!
  9. I’ve flown with the Premier Study Bible in my carry-on back pack, along with my MacAir and iPad. It is certainly workable for a light traveller like me.
PSB Text
Picture of the PSB 1st Edition Text

Additionally, the editors are already going through the Premier Study Bible, finding typographical errors and making changes and improvements for the second edition. In a first for the Apostolic movement, over 2,000 of these Bibles are being shipped to Africa for free distribution to both Apostolic and trinitarian preachers. Records will be kept and follow-up made in order to gauge the evangelistic effectiveness of this investment.