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Spiritual Reproduction Through Home Bible Study


 “Spiritual Reproduction Through Home Bible Studies” by Jack Yonts is roughly 30 pages of “real tawk”. The version I have was published in 1978 by the Pentecostal  Publishing house under the “Christmas for Christ” program. The Booklet is intended for Church planters, Home Missionaries, Pastors and lay ministers. The purpose of the Author is to establish that Bible studies are not necessarily better than other methods, but inherently Biblical and thus, productive. The latter half of the booklet provides more practical advice for an effective bible study program with a special section for pastors at the very end.

 The Books strength is that it is written by someone who has personally lived out the concepts and methods therein. Yonts presents a solid hermeneutic for the subject matter he covers. It is concise and can be read in one sitting. It is also surprisingly relevant for being almost 40 years old. There was only one time I got the feeling was reading something from “the 70’s.” 

 The only Con, is that I can’t find more copies of the booklet. There isn’t any copyright info in the front matter, so if you find a copy you should be “ok” to make copies.

 I personally found it to be both refreshing and informative. It was refreshing to see that many the Biblical and practical concepts that I personally subscribe to are in fact time tested by the giants of our movement. The section for pastors  gave me some great ideas that I have already implemented in our Bible Study program. This booklet is a treasure content wise. My generation of church planters (under 30) NEED to know about the life and work of Jack Yonts.  I would recommend it to anyone serious about winning the lost through Bible Studies. 

An easy 5 stars.

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