Praise the Lord, and thank you for your interest in contributing to the Apostolic Review (AR). Our site is designed to be a meeting place for Oneness Apostolics who are serious readers; people of the Book and books. As Apostolics, we are a diverse group of readers; some of us are pastors, scholars, teachers, or just serious students of the Word. With such a diverse group of readers there is a need for broad range of reviews.

Our goal is to create a platform for all levels of writers to contribute to the AR community. Our audience is growing daily so your contribution will most likely be seen by somebody who is interested in your review. As a Oneness Apostolic platform, we will only accept submissions from Oneness Apostolics. In order to maintain the integrity of the site, we may ask you to verify your Apostolic standing.

General Guidelines

1. Our objective is to provide Oneness Apostolics an opportunity to share their thoughts on this platform. It is not our desire to reject work, but if for some reason, we find it necessary to reject an article or review, we will provide constructive feedback.

2. Generally, we prefer reviews to be between 300-600 words, although we are more interested in the quality and content of the material.

3. Most reviews should strive to answer the following questions:

• What is the book about?

• Whom is the book  intended for (Pastors, Scholars, Laity, etc.)?

• Are there any doctrinal issues one should be aware of?

• Why you do or do not recommend the book?

• How many stars would you give the book (between 1-5)?

Note: If you intend on reviewing a commentary, please contact us at editor@apostolicreview.com for commentary guidelines.

4. Please submit all articles and reviews as a word document to editor@apostolicreview.com

5. If it is your first submission, please provide a short bio with any social media handles you would like included.

Once you have submitted your work, our editor will review it, and if necessary work with you to edit your contribution. Simple grammatical or syntax errors may be corrected without notifying the author. If any significant changes need to be made we will work together to revise your contribution. All reviews and articles are considered to be the sole opinion of the author. Generally reviews are open for discussion to the AR audience; authors can and are encouraged to engage in the discussion and defend their review if necessary. AR reserves the right to approve, disapprove, and delete all comments. If you have any questions in regards to contributions please direct them to editor@apostolicreview.com.

Again, welcome to the AR community, we look forward to reading your work!

The AR Editor