A short Review of Carlton Coon Sr’s self-paced new convert Bible study.

Overall “The First Ten Days” is an excellent self-paced Bible study for the new convert. The study is systematic and straightforward, easy to follow, and free of unnecessary theological language. It does what it was designed to do, to be “a guided study booklet to put in the hands of new converts.” Like many other similar Bible studies Carlton Coon’s Bible study uses the “fill in the blank” method of Bible study. Although there are myriad of similar Bible studies, “The First Ten Days” is different not so much in approach but in content. The study does touch on many familiar subjects such as prayer and the Word. Coon additionally introduces the new convert to the subject of submission which is often neglected in these sorts of studies. This is a welcome approach to any pastor, and Coon does a great job of gently introducing the reader to the necessity of spiritual submission to the man of God. 

Author: Carlton Coon Sr. Pages: 43. Publisher: Independent

While the study is an excellent supplement it is not a replacement for a regular one on one Bible study. It is an excellent tool to fill in the gaps between services and regular Bible studies. These types of self-paced Bible studies benefit the Pastor in several ways. First it shows the new convert how concerned their Pastor is about their spiritual growth, and second it provides a means of encouraging the new convert to self-edify. The Pastor would be well served by having several of these on hand to give away to new converts.