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Leading Growth by Dr. Eugene T. Wilson


In Leading Growth, Dr. Wilson has made an effort to bring the reader an Apostolic understanding of what church growth is and how we can change to make our evangelism and discipleship reflect that.

He begins by delivering concerning statistics regarding recent church growth and attendance rates. The writer then challenges our perspectives on church growth and our motives behind why we make the push for larger attendance, all the while placing scripture before our eyes that points us toward championing discipleship and growth the way God intended it. The final portion of this book is devoted to presenting the reader with practical advice and strategies for such things as discipleship, leadership growth, and adapting to the trends and tendencies of an ever-changing world.

Author: Dr. Eugene Wilson. Pages: 130. Publisher: Pentecostal Publishing House.

You will find that Dr. Wilson writes in such a way that is conversational, yet becomes very convicting, particularly for pastors and church leaders (the intended audience). His passion is in developing leaders, which he tries to accomplish in the reader with each entertaining illustration and main point. He draws from over thirty years of pastoral experience, his education in leadership, and observations of the Apostolic church and the Christian community in America in his writing.

I highly recommend this book to Pastors and church leaders who are serious about church growth and are willing to change perspective and methods to align with scripture and better evangelize the world we find ourselves in. I’ve found this to be a book that I’ve returned to and refreshed myself in, like listening to an impacting sermon I needed to hear one more time. For this reason, I give Leading Growth 5/5 stars.