Not all books worth reading are found on the top 10 best sellers list.  Finally Be Strong by Richard King is one of those books. As I read through King’s book, there were instances where it felt like I was reading “Spiritual Leadership” by Oswald Sanders. King’s writing style reads like that of a Pastor who is trying to push their people to greater heights. 

“Kings challenge to “seize the day” is broad and thorough.”

Daniel Bracamonte

Every chapter begins with a quote that sets the tenor for the rest of the section. King blends stories and real-life experiences to impart practical wisdom for cultivating both practical and spiritual discipline. His book will challenge every reader in some aspects of their everyday life. In one of the chapters, he shares his struggle with his health to illustrate the need for self-discipline. His commitment to exercise and a disciplined diet proved to be the key to rescuing his health. King reminds us that it is not only spiritual discipline that we need to be concerned about but also physical discipline. King’s challenge to “seize the day” is broad and thorough. 

While the entire book is worth reading, the chapters on prayer and practical discipline are particularly important. If there are two areas where the church needs to be challenged, it is prayer and physical discipline. Indeed, much of our ailments, both physical and spiritual, can be attributed to a lack of self-control. Although King challenges the reader to grow in discipline, he does so in a way that encourages and empowers the child of God.

Finally Be Strong reminds the church of the benefits of living a life of spiritual and physical discipline. While the subjects are not new, King shows his readers how discipline can change their lives in real and meaningful ways. King refers to his book as the “The Christian Warriors Handbook for Seizing the Day,” Seizing the day, means living a life of personal and consistent discipline. This book will help the pastor and saint alike to re-ignite a passion for a life of self-control. 

Note: This book was provided for review, and although provided for review it had no influence on the review.

Daniel Bracamonte is the Founder and Editor of the Apostolic Review. He holds a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies at Regent University and is currently completing an MTS at Regent School of Divinity. He is also the Pastor at Word of Life Apostolic Church in Missoula, MT.