It’s that time again! Time for AR to announce our top five podcasts of 2021. First, our pre-requisites. The podcast must be Apostolic, and by Apostolic, we mean Oneness-Pentecostal, Acts 2:38, running the aisles Apostolic. Second, the podcasts had to consistently produce high-quality content. Third, we listened and looked for excellent audio/video and professional intros and outros. So, without further ado, here is our top five of 2021:


For the second year in a row, Kingdom Speak sits at the top of our list. The podcast, hosted by the trio of Pastor McKillop, his trusty sidekick Derek Casillas and their shadowy producer Randy provide weekly interviews with a diverse group of voices in the Apostolic movement. One thing that sets Kingdom Speak apart from other podcasts is their ability to provide a tone of humor without losing sight of the seriousness of their content. Kingdom speaks production quality is second to none.


The Restorationist, hosted by Adam Shaw, launched its first episode on January 3, 2019, and has since dropped seventy-two episodes. Shaw produces bi-weekly episodes with content that includes anything from interviews with prominent Apostolic figures to “ask us anything” episodes. His podcast just recently eclipsed the 50,000-download milestone.


Hosted by Pastor Nathaniel Urshan, Biblios is the newcomer on the block. With just over 191,000 views, we couldn’t help but place them in our top five. The content is a healthy mix of interviews and doctrinal/theological discussions. It is also worth noting that Biblios includes several episodes in Spanish. Because of the high-quality content and professional production, we expect this one to grow immensely in the coming year. Biblios is one you will want to add to the playlist.


The Apostolic Voice, hosted by Ryan French, is another podcast that consistently produces high-quality content. His episodes center around popular biblical topics, including inviting well-known guests to speak on the podcasts. It is evident that Bro. French places a tremendous amount of thought into each episode. Like the other podcasts in this list, the end product screams excellence.


If there were an award for best podcast voice, Pastor Ed Snyder with True North podcast would be the hands-down winner; think Rush Limbaugh. Unlike the other podcasts in this list, True North is the only one that is strictly a solo podcast. Solo Hosting can be a daunting task, but Pastor Snyder handles soloing with ease. His episodes are packed with informative content that inspires his listening audience.

**Honorable Mention

*CUT IT STRAIGHT hosted by N.S. Whitley

* FACE THE TRUTH hosted by Pastor Gregory Riggen