It was a tremendous year for Apostolic books. According to the “book mentor,” Pastor Tony Mansinho, Apostolics published around 100 books in 2021. As you can imagine, it was pretty hard to narrow our list down to a top-five; thus, we included an additional five in our honorable mention. The books that made our list were all released in 2021 and were written by Apostolic authors. So, without any further delay, here are our completely subjective top-five Apostolic books of 2021.

1. Radically Apostolic by Charles Robinette

For months Apostolics were awaiting the release of Radically Apostolic; when the book was finally released, it did not disappoint. The book is filled with powerful principles for kingdom living. Further, it is a call to embrace Apostolic dynamism. One of the more rewarding parts of the book is the contributions of different evangelists and pastors. Radically Apostolic is sure to be an instant classic among Oneness-Pentecostals.

Notable Quote: “Humility is knowing who you are, knowing who God is, and never getting confused about who is who.”

2. Church Work by Rodney Shaw

In Church Work, Pastor Shaw endeavors to redefine biblical leadership. He argues that, unlike secular leadership, biblical leadership begins with what he calls “Follower-Centric-Leadership.” Church Work teaches church leaders how to create a culture of leader-followers. The book is packed with practical lessons that leaders can implement at every level of church ministry. Every pastor should have this book in their library.

Notable Quote: “A leader’s self-awareness should be predominated by the idea of being a servant more so than a visionary.”

3. Fast Forward by Josh Herring

Evangelist Josh Herring released Fast Forward at the end of 2021, and it generated immediate buzz in the Apostolic community. Herring provides scriptural insights while weaving his own experiences into the spiritual practice of fasting. Fast Forward reminds us just how critical fasting is for true Apostolic revival.

Notable Quote: “To me, fasting is a closer spiritual equivalent to climbing than any other physical activity. I say this because fasting changes your position more quickly than any other spiritual endeavor.”

4. Acts 2:38 by David S. Norris

Urshan Graduate School professor Dr. Norris invites us into his classroom to discuss the Acts 2:38 message with an Evangelical pastor. Norris is a master storyteller who utilizes real-life experiences to build a biblical theology of the Holy Spirit. The book is packed with theological insights and sound apologetic responses regarding the Holy Spirit.

Notable Quote: “When we choose to live this dynamic life, we partner with God to change the world.”

5. Hebrews & Colossians Bible Exposition Series by N.S. Whitley

N.S. Whitley is quickly becoming one of the more notable authors in the Apostolic movement. His latest work is a set of surveys meant to accompany the reading of Hebrews and Colossians. Each book introduces the letter and provides an overview of each chapter. The surveys are meant to help the reader engage with the text on a deeper level. If you are planning on reading through Hebrews or Colossians anytime soon, these books will prove to be a valuable tool for your study.

Notable Quote: “Faith, as you see in the Old Testament saints, isn’t a life of pristine purity. Instead, it’s clinging to God and believing that He is better, even when you fail or face painful conditions and hardships.”


The Argument for Holiness by Charles A. Rhodus

Control the Beast by Ed Snyder

Faith to Faith by Brandon M. Crooker

Sermons Requested by Vesta Mangun

Daily Things of Christian Living by Carlton L. Coon Sr.