Proper preparation is essential to winning any battle, and the subject of fasting is no exception to that. The difficulty is sometimes finding the best materials to help propel you forward. Frequently, articles, books, and sermons tend to focus on guilt as a motivating factor for fasting. Also, authors can place undue emphasis on opposite sides of the experience spectrum. Other times authors occasionally promote the work of self over that of the Spirit. Fast Forward avoids these pitfalls. Brother Herring approaches this topic from the viewpoint the reader is already on board with the discipline of fasting. He provides a more profound understanding of the subject while adding practical insights to develop fasting in the believer’s walk. He doesn’t gloss over the pain, nor does he wallow in it, instead he encourages the reader to keep the big picture in clear focus.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not a hunger strike to force God to do your will.

Author: Josh Herring. Publisher: Dust Jacket Media Group. Pages: 158.

The concepts and principles of fasting are articulately delivered. The book follows a logical progression that helps the reader feel they are growing with the book. Both the author’s humor and humility are beautifully expressed in his transparent writing style. He presents an excellent balance of staying focused on the subject without holding anything back. It is well-rounded with attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual preparation needed for fasting. The author considers how and when you should and shouldn’t fast, surviving the ugly days of fasting, and the spiritual implications of fasting (spoiler alert: it’s not a hunger strike to force God to do your will). The material is written for personal use but could serve as a teaching series or mentoring foundation. The book leaves the reader with the feeling of “I can do this!”

I loved everything about this book. Fast Forward is well written, easy to read, and engaging. At 158 pages, it’s not intimidating for those who are not avid readers. It comprehensively covers fasting without being overwhelming. The book is for anyone hungry for the deeper things of God regardless of their fasting experience. It is appropriate for the novice and the extended-time veteran faster and those of us in between. For those who may feel stuck or complacent, Herring provides excellent tools and motivation to reinvigorate their journey —relying on the necessity of being Spirit-led and diligence in other areas, such as reading the Word, forgiveness, etc. Fast Forward is a profoundly spiritual look at fasting, yet it does not ever leave the realm of the practical. It inspires the reader to abandon the siren call of comfort and pursue the next level of the supernatural, unlocked by a powerfully apostolic approach to fasting. I plan to read Fast Forward annually in preparation for the new year. I wholeheartedly recommend this exceptional book for any believer desiring to walk in greater power and understanding; it is now firmly positioned in my list of top 10 books.