Heaven To Earth by Anthony Mangun is a beautifully crafted labor of love. Birthed from the prayer life of his esteemed Apostolic father, Rev. G. A. Mangun, and further developed by the author’s lifetime of impressive ministry, Heaven To Earth is profound yet approachable. This study of the Old Testament tabernacle provides a pattern of prayer designed to take you from a time of repentance into the glories and splendor of the presence of God. Mangun states many have taught the tabernacle plan as a pattern of prayer; however, this book is not a regurgitation of others’ work. Mangun’s book is undeniably hewn out of decades of experience, prayer, and ministry. He begins at the gate of the tabernacle and methodically moves through both the outer and inner courts, finally arriving in the Holy of Holies. He frames each aspect of the tabernacle by its “Purpose, Power, and Pattern.” The book is a wealth of detail and personal commentary, yet, it does not feel like endless minutia or random thought. It is purposeful, intriguing, and engaging. 

Author: Anthony Mangun. Pages: 215. Publisher: Independent

Heaven to Earth makes you think. The author draws from the details of the tabernacle to illustrate his points but doesn’t fully uncover every possible connection. Mangun’s restraint allows the reader to continue to ponder the thoughts presented and discover additional gems through personal reflection. This book is a little over 200 pages, and I thought it would be a relatively quick read, but it requires one to slow down, in order to savor and contemplate it properly. Each unassuming page offers a generous portion of insight and meditation. After a short time in the book, I realized it would be a struggle to remember and implement many of the details while using it as a pattern of prayer. I was happy to see the prayer guides at the end of the book to help recall the purpose of each piece of the tabernacle. The book includes plenty of space for notes and personalization. The book is primarily designed to be incorporated into one’s prayer life, but it would also make a beautiful teaching series for a congregation. 

With so many books about prayer on the market, is it worth purchasing another? Yes, without question! Mangun blends his passion for prayer and professional presentation of the tabernacle as a pattern for prayer, making Heaven to Earth a jewel of a book. He makes unique points and unapologetically calls the reader to a place of intentional, focused, and more profound prayer. The only suggestion I might offer is the inclusion of more diagrams and pictures to help visualize and recall some of the finer details of tabernacle prayer. I highly recommend this book and believe it will enrich your prayer life.