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One More Year: A story of revival that could on be told because we stayed one more year.


Compelling, gut-wrenching, and transparent are words insufficient to describe the impact of One More Year: A Story of Revival that can only be told because we Stayed one More Year by Greg and Vanessa Marshall. This testimony of God’s faithfulness and steadfastness toward His laborers is riveting. The authors unflinchingly draw readers into the intimacy of their personal lives and broken hearts. The painful familiarity resonates deeply for those who’ve spent any time in ministry. One More Year shares struggles, hurt, and wounds intertwined with threads of success, hope, and prophecies, which result in a core-shaking roller-coaster of emotions. This absorbing narrative engulfs readers in both heartache and rejoicing alongside the Marshalls. For those who’ve been through it and survived, it recalls countless memories and delivers overwhelming gratitude for the hard-won victories. This book will be a lifeline of hope and faith for those currently battling through similar circumstances. That aspect is its most valuable contribution to the kingdom of God and is undeniably life-changing.

The elephant in the room does need to be addressed: this book needs an editor’s careful and loving eye. The tone and substance should not be altered; however, numerous grammar, punctuation, and typographical issues need to be addressed. It brings a distraction to an otherwise flawless and phenomenal work. Be aware of this and simply accept it. The reader will be well-served to pretend like his best friend is sharing his private journal and read it in that light. Despite the editorial shortcoming, One More Year will be one of the most impacting books you read, and its stories and lessons will remain with you long after you have read the book.

One of the jewels of the book is the sharing of the First Lady’s experiences and thoughts. This inclusion affirms this vital role and demonstrates how both the pastor and spouse are affected and respond differently to this journey. There’s no doubt this will validate and encourage many pastors’ wives as they co-labor in ministry.

Author: Greg Marshall. Pages 118. Publisher. Independent

One More Year should be the next book you read. Space does not permit me to convey the necessity for those in ministry to read this book with a praying, humble, open heart. One More Year is unquestioningly invaluable for every church planter, pastor, minister, and leadership team member. Share it with the intercessors in your congregation. Give a copy to a church planter or young ministers. Following gentle editing, it would not be out of place as required reading before ministerial licensing or as a course at every Apostolic Bible college. New ministers sometimes have a romanticized view of ministry and are particularly prone to fatal disillusionment when spiritual battles wage hot. This raw revelation of what ministry and pastoring entails may save many ministers and their families from a catastrophic shipwreck. Thank you to Greg and Vanessa Marshall for sharing this powerful and beautiful testimony!